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Marketing Your Property “For Sale “

Securing Top Dollar for your property requires widespread expose of your property listing to as many qualified Buyers as possible. My VIP Commercial Marketing Program has that covered. My experience and attention to detail, uniquely qualifies me to provide a VIP Selling Experience second to none. Check out my 8 Point Marketing Program to get your property “Sold”.

1 - Professional Photographer – Enhanced Photographs – minimum 20 interior and exterior shots. When Buyers search the internet, they want to see an extensive collection of high quality color pictures of the properties. This creates buyer excitement and increases the chance they will not only want to preview your property, but offer a higher price as well.

2 - Internet Exposure – Approximately 85 % of all Property Purchasers begin their property search online- so that’s where your property needs to widely displayed. Once we enter your property details in the Multiple Listing Service, we also syndicate your listing with all pictures to more than 300 real estate related websites, such as Loopnet,, Zillow, and Trulia, just to mention a few.

3 - International Marketing - Since we want maximum exposure to the highest possible number of qualified buyers, we market your homes listing internationally. My international listing website connection publishes your listing, including all photographs and virtual tour worldwide. Your property listing information will be translated into 20 different languages.

4 - Local Marketing – Some buyers may be found as close as down the block and we don’t want to leave any stone unturned. I will create a marketing campaign for your property, targeting local buyers. I use my Color Postcard Marketing Program and Open House Events (if applicable) to alert the local community of your properties features and availability.

5 - Property’s Personal Website – Once our professional photographer has shot and processed all property photographs, our team will create a Single Property Website. The website will include all property photos, a virtual tour, and a complete description of your property. Your property’s website will have its own personal domain name, which will be linked to our main website and will be included in all marketing material pertaining to your home.

6 - We Qualify All Buyers – Buyers making offers on properties are not always represented by an experienced agent. We want to make certain that any Buyer submitting an offer on your property is financially qualified to purchase at your property price point. I require All Buyers to be Cross-Qualified by our expert lenders before the offer is considered for acceptance. This prevents accepting an offer from an unqualified buyer.

7 - Contract Negotiations & Contract Compliance - I offer Experienced Representation The typical, properly prepared buyers offer should consist of between 10 and 15 documents when submitted to the seller, this includes the Purchase Agreement. Purchase Documents contain important and binding information that should be thoroughly reviewed by buyers, sellers and their agents. I thoroughly understand all transaction documents; in fact, as a Real Estate Contract and Disclosure Expert, I have taught thousands of real estate agents throughout Southern California how to properly understand and complete real estate contracts and disclosures.

8 - Communication – I provide weekly Listing or Escrow updates. I will communicate with you in the method of your choice, such as phone, text, or email.

All transaction documents can be reviewed and signed in one of two ways – your choice - 1) in person, with paper and pen, or - 2) I can provide all documents to you for review and signing digitally, with electronic signatures and emails – again your choice.

Available for questions - I am always available by phone, text or email anytime during the normal workday, plus I am available nights and weekends for any pressing issues.

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Receive Priority Access to Hot New Commercial Listings That Match Your Search Criteria

Here’s how it works…

My Exclusive Commercial Investor Profile System saves you Time and Money. Simply tell me what you’re looking for and get priority Notification of All Properties that match your criteria, including Bank Foreclosures, Company Owned Properties, and other Distress Sales.
You will also be given access to search the MLS on your own as often as you would like 24/7.
No more wasted time looking at out-dated information in newspapers or searching the internet. Priority means you’re the first before other buyers, so you can negotiate the lowest possible price and your time is not wasted viewing properties that don’t meet your needs.

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